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Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
including the wilson award for the best book of political science and a key facilitator of a workshop that some effect percent of all professors in the nation have attended. also with a great deal of experience in the policy field and a former staff member working on the national security council and advisory panel for the cia director and part of a task force from a report entitled the new u.s. defense strategies for a new era. as a scholar at the american enterprise institute has three decades of public service to higher education as dean of johns hopkins in the state department of planning and the secretary of state just up to the secretary of defense. i will pose a question to kickoff the conversation. the first question is what have been done in new york -- new year's eve a day? what are the key strategic questions? >> and thank you for being here. we just heard bob hale struggling with the process but for that budgetary operations but that at the moment and then in the 11th year but the pentagon does not have a lot of opposition. we don't know how many are needed because of abom
Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
stuff that nobody reads jackson a professor at harvard wrote an article for "christian science monitor." this was proposed doing this with federal funds and i wrote an article march 2010 suggesting treasury could use the tarpaulins enact as a homeowner loan corporation had done. but not for profit the americans securitization was not for that either. >> i am not opposed to the concept of the eminent domain for those who are current but the priority is those who experience financial distress then there are other test to be put into place before there is a vote of yes or no to keep the mortgage current chief force the homeowner to go into default before they wrecked their credit score and cannot buy clothes, food , , etc., etc.. there are parameters that is not just a cut off i am not paying today or yesterday. >> just to major people have the fact i make no apologies mrp is for-profit sometimes that is how problems are solved. second, we're not april of capital we charge a fee, $4,500 if we successfully help them keep the homeowner in the home. where it may get that number? it turns out
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm EST
. no one had seen a toilet before. having improved sanitation is an adaptive science and maybe not the first priority always. also with respect to basic statistics, 90% of hava in the region, 90% of the caribbean hiv/aids is in haiti. the battle was tough before the earthquake. his 163,000 pre-earthquake orphans. likewise again, forget the lawyer top, that's $1 black sapir tenure and that means they are subject to being forcibly evict it at any time. one out of five generously are there today. in terms of the underlying systems to just grab you where we are, only 5% of the land is registered the way we would think a clear title and register property. 40% of people don't have documentation. so this documents are part of citizenship in the land registry and cadets are an insurgency of knowing who owns that land is an overwhelming issue and has been a problem. then you get to the earthquake here at my picture is not as good as post-earthquake pictures eric showed, but with physical damage on it to go through the political earthquake beyond buildings being destroyed. after the janu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3